Coconut Chicken CurryThere’s a long back story to this recipe, and it goes like this …

In December 2016, WITF, a public radio station in Harrisburg, PA, introduced a new podcast about food and recipes called Now That’s A Mouthful (NTAM), featuring, as hosts, local chef Donna Marie Desfor and WITF Smart Talk host Scott LaMar.

The monthly test recipes would come from new cookbooks, usually three or more, with a selection of two to three recipes from each book. WITF listeners were encouraged to sign on as testers in January.

The testers were to try the recipes and report back to the show with their feedback, whether good or bad. The only caveat from NTAM was that, if possible, excepting health reasons or the inability to find ingredients, the recipes were to be followed to the letter. Additionally, some testers would be selected to be guests on the podcast to discuss the recipe they tried.

Being something of a foodie and modest amateur chef, I’m always looking for new recipes, so I signed on to be a tester. Then things took a turn for the worse.

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