On Columbus Day, Missy Aldritch Killed Her Husband George: The start to a crime fiction tale with dark comedic overtones. (Ver. 1.1)

Poster for the 1950 B-Movie, "Deadly Is The Female"

© 2016+ Craig S. Hartranft (Usual caveats apply: this a rough draft, complete with spelling errors and grammar issues.)

On Monday October 12, it was Columbus Day and the day after her second wedding anniversary, Missy Aldritch killed her husband George, giving him a gut shot with her Sig Sauer and then a bullet to the head when he wouldn’t stop moaning and whining and asking why.

Missy didn’t know why. She really wasn’t good at why. Finding out why. Or wondering why. He just wouldn’t shut up.

Shooting George on that cool overcast morning seemed the best thing to do. He had the day off, all day. He had two plans that day. One was sleeping in, the other was detailing his 2014 Ford F-150 pick up truck.

Christ. Missy hated that thing. A silver behemoth that George drove one mile, total, back and forth each day to work. One half mile each way. Geez. He could have walked, worked off that damn beer gut he was developing.

Maybe that was the why. That fucking truck.

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Your Balls Will Freeze

Teenage Boy in ShortsAbsalom Angus Armstrong was a curious fellow. He was a natural born observer, a man who enjoyed watching people with a keen mind for sardonic commentary upon the same. Commentary, sometimes, he was happy to broadcast to whomever would listen.

McCarron lived at the corner of Tree and Sunrise Avenues. The former was so-called because the housing developer and town bosses could not settle on the species of tree (which the town council had to approve and assigned to a later time and meeting which never occurred).

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Inglorious – Heroine :: Covers Album :: Melodic Heavy Rock

Inglorious: Heroine :: 3.0/5.0 :: Released: 07.09.2021 :: Frontiers Music
Band Links: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Inglorious - Heroine Album Art

Apparently, in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us have had extra time to kill, including UK heavy rockers Inglorious. Yes, the just released their fourth studio album We Will Ride (with a new lineup) only eight months ago. But when you can’t tour as you like, or as frequently, to clubs and festivals, why not make some more music. The quintet returns with a new covers album, Heroine, wherein they give their favorite female rockers their own heavy rock twist.

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