Mystery and Suspense

{ Here’s a working story, possibly either a short story or novella, that evolved from real life. The plot is loosely based on an interaction, or better, a near altercation, I observed in a mall in Virginia while on vacation. I merely worked out the altercation to my end which is to introduce Cassie & Dragon, a killer couple. }

Cassie & Dragon“I’m going to use the bathroom,” Dragon said to Cassie. The petite blonde with freckles on her cheeks and shoulders was wearing a faded flower sundress and holding a John Sanders book from the remainder table.

“Don’t know where they are in this store, baby,” she said turning the book over in her hands.

“I’ll find them,” he said. Dragon looked left towards the inside of Valley Mall and saw an information desk at the entrance to the Books Galore store. A stout pudgy blonde with short hair and bright red face was making marks on a piece of paper. “I’ll ask the clerk.”

Cassie looked in his direction, and said, “Ask the fatty where the best french fries are in this mall. I’ll bet she knows.”

“There you go with your fries again.”

“You know I love ’em,” she smiled at Dragon, then replaced the Sanders book with a Dennis Lehane novel. [read more]

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{ This idea came to me from my love of cooking, notably my recipe for classic American meatloaf. A lovely blend of three meats. The start didn’t even grace one page, but I liked the idea. Returning to it, like often happens when I write, I didn’t know where it would go. After a day of writing, I found Rimmon to be evil, really evil. Psychopath evil. Then I thought: small space, localized universe, a small group of players, and one psychopath. Maybe I was channeling some Stephen King. Why not? }

Inside a Diner

“How’s the meatloaf,” Kinley asked Rimmon, the man looking for a good meal and a place to sleep. Kinley would cover the first right now, the other in time. The large man, in worn gray overalls topped by a road weary canvas duster, scooped another piece of the loaf to his mouth.

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