Doctors are the new gods

I rarely comment on customer or professional services from the medical community, but after some recent experiences with a retinal ophthalmologist office and urologist office, some comments are required.

To the former, I have been treated twice for retinal tears in my left eye with cryotherapy. On each occasion two things have happened: both my eyesight and floaters in my left eye have gotten worse. Before, the floaters were minimal; now they’re everywhere all the time. They may be fixing my retina, but my eyesight is still diminished. When I spoke to them about both effects, they seemed unconcerned and ambivalent like this was all just going to go away. I’m concerned about their medical competency. The first rule for a physician is: First, do no harm. Maybe this does not apply to eye doctors. #LancasterRetinaSpecialists

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Rude Employee at Redner’s Market In Ephrata

by Craig Hartranft on December 3, 2021

in Op-Ed, Travel

Rude Employee at Redner's MarketI have high regard for excellent customer service. Most of my adult life has been involved in providing customer service in a variety of occupations, not the least being the retail business. Most of the time my experience is average or better. Sometimes it’s just plain horrible as it was with this employee (right) of Redner’s Warehouse Market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Horrible only begins to describe how this asshole treated me. He was vulgar, profane, and just plain rude and discourteous. Here’s the short story. [read more]

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Victory Church: Losers Not Welcome!

28 August 2021 Christianity & The Church

I recently noticed a new church moved into our community: Victory Church. I’ve discovered, however, it’s not really all that new. The church was formed in 2000 and its original meetings were in a nearby mega-theater complex. Foreshadowing. Yet, I don’t recall the church being named “Victory Church” at that time, and the history of […]

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The Ephrata Fair Is Back – F*ck The Fair!

27 August 2021 Humor & Satire

The COVID19 pandemic could only halt the Ephrata Fair for one year. Now, this annual curse is about to bring its blight upon the small town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, once again. The Ephrata Fair sickens the community every year. Name your poison for they are legion!

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Revisiting Renninger’s Antique Market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania: A Trip into Lost America and Americana

16 August 2021 A Writer's Life

I recently revisited Renningers Antique Market in Adamstown for the first time in 25 years in a search for classic pulp fiction, comic books, and a few more odds and ends. Nothing much has changed at this now ancient flea market venue. I recall this place from my youth, but it seems like it’s older […]

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