Inglorious: Heroine :: 3.0/5.0 :: Released: 07.09.2021 :: Frontiers Music
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Inglorious - Heroine Album Art

Apparently, in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us have had extra time to kill, including UK heavy rockers Inglorious. Yes, the just released their fourth studio album We Will Ride (with a new lineup) only eight months ago. But when you can’t tour as you like, or as frequently, to clubs and festivals, why not make some more music. The quintet returns with a new covers album, Heroine, wherein they give their favorite female rockers their own heavy rock twist.

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Darby Allin

Looking pretty buff here.

I recently watched a match which featured current professional wrestler Darby Allin, currently signed to the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion. He was paired with his current mentor and valet Sting and they were getting the shit beaten out of them by three other AEW dudes. Maybe it’s just me or did Allin lose some significant weight? He looked skinny and anorexic as he was tossed around like a rag doll by his opponents.

In the so-called Texas Tornado romp, two opponents picked him up and slammed his head into a ceiling abutment outside the ring area. Then we didn’t see him. Meanwhile, the same dudes kicked Sting’s ass back to the ring and fans. Apparently this was done as part of the “work” to give Allin time to recover. Wherein he returned to the fan area and did a flying body slam on the three opponents. Of course, they fell backwards on cue to catch him. What? Were they worried they might get knocked over by a feather. Because, despite the ongoing AEW push, Allin is a self-evident lightweight. [read more]

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A Short Book Review : All I Did Was Shoot My Man by Walter Mosley : A Leonid McGill Mystery

22 December 2018 Books

A short review of All I Did Was Shoot My Man by Walter Mosley, featuring his character, private investigator Leonid McGill.

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Travelers, Another Great Netflix Series, Returns for Season Three

15 December 2018 Entertainment

Season 3 of Netflix’s excellent sci-fi time travel drama #Travelers returned this week. Time to binge television again.

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Palace – Binary Music : New Music Review : AOR Melodic Hard Rock

12 December 2018 Dangerdog Music Reviews

Palace: Binary Music :: 4.5/5.0 :: Released: 07.12.2018 :: Frontiers Music Band Links: Facebook So Michael Palace returns with his namesake project, Palace, for a second album, Binary Music. And my first question is, “What the fuck happened to his hair?” Check out his band picture from 2016. I’ll wait. Don’t worry the pix will […]

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