Guild Of Ages - Rise

Dangerdog Music Reviews and founder and publisher Craig Hartranft are pleased to announce the 2018 Album Of The Year. The annual honor goes to American band Guild Of Ages and their album Rise. Released at the end of June by England’s Escape Music, the album received a 5/5, the highest score possible for any review.

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Risk Management Journal Warns of Global Pandemic of Cow Shit

7 December 2018 Humor & Satire

The Risk Management Syndicate, in a recent article published in their ubiquitous Popular Risk Management journal, warn of the potential for a global and dangerous pandemic of livestock shit, perhaps equivalent to a zombie apocalypse.

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Ephrata National Bank Sells Home Mortgages to Wells Fargo Bank

3 December 2018 Op-Ed

Where did my mortgage go? Being a faithful customer and expecting local customer service, you went to you local community bank for mortgage, but then they sold your mortgage to a giant national bank. What’s up with that?

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Local Community Christmas Tree Recently Named Ugliest In Small Town America

2 December 2018 Humor & Satire

Dateline: Ephrata, Pennsylvania A local community Christmas tree was recently named the ugliest Christmas tree in small town America, thanks to its incomplete decoration which resulted in the evergreen having only half its lights. The announcement was made on social media via Facebook, and quickly garnered 1.5 million likes.

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Quick & Easy Paleo Bok Choy Soup

26 November 2018 Paleo Lifestyle

I had some Bok Choy sitting in the fridge that I never got to stir fry for dinner, and I didn’t want to waste this peppery vegetable. So since I’ve always wanted to try a Bok Choy soup, I whipped this recipe together from scratch and some quick cooking wits. Pretty good, and fine for […]

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