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Doug Mastriano

Uniform courtesy of Dress Up Like A Soldier LLC: Yes! We do have Nazi SS uniforms, too.

You Heard It From a Christian and Life-Long Constitution-Supporting Republican: PA Candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano Is On the Wrong Side of Jesus as a Fascist Nazi Trump Supporter and His Head Looks Like a Giant Snapping Turtle from Alabama.

Hey Doug, with those gloves, can you check my Nissan for dust. Or maybe you should use those fancy gloves to gently pick up the United States Constitution carefully and read it. Perhaps then you won’t be traitor to Democracy like your hero Donald “Please Don’t Touch My Hair” Trump.

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What Dr OZ is Not Right For Pennsylvania, Because He’s Funny Looking and Has a Small Penis and Endorsed by Donald Trump Who Has No Penis

18 April 2022 American Culture & Politics

Here we go again, another Hollywood media huckster who wants to enter politics and government who has no qualifications to do so. It all started with Ronald Reagan, but at least he was quite involved in California politics before he became governor. Of course, the biggest loser of all Hollywood media fucksters was Donald J […]

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In a Rare But Bold Campaign Move John Fetterman Curses His Opponents to Heck

9 April 2022 American Culture & Politics

In a bold and rare political move, John Fetterman, currently campaigning for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat being vacated by Pat Toomey, has cursed his fellow competing candidates.

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Satanist Anton Lavey Resurrects Himself as John Fetterman to Run for US Senate in Pennsylvania

30 March 2022 American Culture & Politics

Famous founder and high priest of The Church Of Satan has miraculously reappeared from Hell as Lt Governor John Fetterman to run for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, vacated by Pat Toomey. Fetterman originally ran for Lt Governor on a single issue: that he would make a state wide tour discussing the legalization of marijuana.

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Why Bill McSwain Is Unsuitable to Be Governor of Pennsylvania : He’s a Trump Sycophant and also Hates Kittens

19 February 2022 American Culture & Politics

Bill McSwain, a former US Attorney and habitual masturbator, is running for governor of Pennsylvania. He got his appointment from the mentally diseased, narcissistic sociopath, and traitor Donald “Judas” Trump who attempted to overthrow a duly certified national Presidential election and the Constitution of the United States by inciting a riot on Capitol Hill. McSwain […]

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