{ This idea came to me from my love of cooking, notably my recipe for classic American meatloaf. A lovely blend of three meats. The start didn’t even grace one page, but I liked the idea. Returning to it, like often happens when I write, I didn’t know where it would go. After a day of writing, I found Rimmon to be evil, really evil. Psychopath evil. Then I thought: small space, localized universe, a small group of players, and one psychopath. Maybe I was channeling some Stephen King. Why not? }

Inside a Diner

“How’s the meatloaf,” Kinley asked Rimmon, the man looking for a good meal and a place to sleep. Kinley would cover the first right now, the other in time. The large man, in worn gray overalls topped by a road weary canvas duster, scooped another piece of the loaf to his mouth.

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