Dr Oz - Trump Twat For Senate

OZ: I swear by the god Vitalis, when I’m elected, I will kiss Donald Trump’s fat pasty white ass. I love ass!

Here we go again, another Hollywood media huckster who wants to enter politics and government who has no qualifications to do so. It all started with Ronald Reagan, but at least he was quite involved in California politics before he became governor. Of course, the biggest loser of all Hollywood media fucksters was Donald J Trump who knew nothing about being President except that he could probably make a lot of money from the job by doing illegal and clandestine business deals. [read more]

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In a Rare But Bold Campaign Move John Fetterman Curses His Opponents to Heck

9 April 2022 American Culture & Politics

In a bold and rare political move, John Fetterman, currently campaigning for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat being vacated by Pat Toomey, has cursed his fellow competing candidates.

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Satanist Anton Lavey Resurrects Himself as John Fetterman to Run for US Senate in Pennsylvania

30 March 2022 American Culture & Politics

Famous founder and high priest of The Church Of Satan has miraculously reappeared from Hell as Lt Governor John Fetterman to run for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, vacated by Pat Toomey. Fetterman originally ran for Lt Governor on a single issue: that he would make a state wide tour discussing the legalization of marijuana.

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Why David McCormick Is Not a Suitable Candidate for US Senator of Pennsylvania (and also a Total Twat)

19 February 2022 Humor & Satire

Pennsylvania has a US Senator seat up for grabs, and there’s more than 30 people from three different political parties who want the job. Most will not make it through the primary in May. However, there are a few that our getting a lot of television time from commercials. David McCormick is one of them.

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Dear Mr Putin: Fuck You. Sincerely, The Rest Of The World

26 January 2022 Humor & Satire

An Open Letter to President Putin of Russia Dear Mr Putin, Fuck you! What legitimate reasons you the right to invade a sovereign state? None. You have no right. So fuck off, Putin! It’s the 21st century. With very few exceptions, most of the world is living in peace with their neighbors. But, you and […]

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