Why David McCormick Is Not a Suitable Candidate for US Senator of Pennsylvania (and also a Total Twat)

19 February 2022 Humor & Satire

Pennsylvania has a US Senator seat up for grabs, and there’s more than 30 people from three different political parties who want the job. Most will not make it through the primary in May. However, there are a few that our getting a lot of television time from commercials. David McCormick is one of them.

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Dear Mr Putin: Fuck You. Sincerely, The Rest Of The World

26 January 2022 Humor & Satire

An Open Letter to President Putin of Russia Dear Mr Putin, Fuck you! What legitimate reasons you the right to invade a sovereign state? None. You have no right. So fuck off, Putin! It’s the 21st century. With very few exceptions, most of the world is living in peace with their neighbors. But, you and […]

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Your Balls Will Freeze

26 January 2022 Fiction

Absalom Angus Armstrong was a curious fellow. He was a natural born observer, a man who enjoyed watching people with a keen mind for sardonic commentary upon the same. Commentary, sometimes, he was happy to broadcast to whomever would listen. McCarron lived at the corner of Tree and Sunrise Avenues. The former was so-called because […]

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Rude Employee at Redner’s Market In Ephrata

3 December 2021 Op-Ed

I have high regard for excellent customer service. Most of my adult life has been involved in providing customer service in a variety of occupations, not the least being the retail business. Most of the time my experience is average or better. Sometimes it’s just plain horrible as it was with this employee (right) of […]

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Inglorious – Heroine :: Covers Album :: Melodic Heavy Rock

31 August 2021 Dangerdog Music Reviews

Inglorious: Heroine :: 3.0/5.0 :: Released: 07.09.2021 :: Frontiers Music Band Links: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Apparently, in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us have had extra time to kill, including UK heavy rockers Inglorious. Yes, the just released their fourth studio album We Will Ride (with a new lineup) only eight […]

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