Dark Moor

DArk Moor - Project XSpain’s Dark Moor is another band that has been pressing on for a long time, better than 20 years. Formed in Madrid by guitarist Enrik Garcia, the band returns with their tenth album, Project X. While I can’t be sure, as information about the album is lacking from the band, it appears this album has some sci-fi theme. But moving on.

 There are two basic reasons why Dark Moor is one of my favorite metal bands. One is vocalist Alfred Romero. He simply has a terrific voice: clean and clear, melodic and emotional, often having the timbre of one classically trained, but not grossly operatic. I like listening to him sing. One listen to I Want To Believe, which has this near Gospel music vibe, and you will be convinced. I’ll even put forward that, sometimes, he reminds me of Freddie Mercury in his passion.

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