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Sauteed Vegetable RibbonsThis recipe for Paleo Sautéed Vegetable Ribbons in Olive Oil and Garlic is a revised version for Sunshine Ribbon Vegetables, found recently in our local Sunday newspaper.

My first attempt at this recipe was spur of the moment and so didn’t have all the ingredients required. I didn’t have the yellow squash, and had only two-thirds of a zucchini. But I had plenty of carrots and used two medium. I used a vegetable peeler to make the ribbons. I may try my kitchen mandolin the next time. The ribbons came out a little thicker than the original recipe suggested. But, not a problem. The thicker ribbons seemed more hearty. I merely had to saute them a bit longer to get them al dente. I served the ribbons with freshly ground pepper and shredded Parmesan cheese. Delicious. I will definitely be making sauteed vegetable ribbons again.

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