H R Hartranft Documents

Craig Hartranft, Son & Power of Attorney for Henrietta R Hartranft

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Henrietta R Hartranft, 400 E Main St, PO Box 692, Ephrata, PA, 17522

Below you will find all the documents pertaining to Henrietta R Hartranft. Click on the link to access them:

  1. Declaration of Alzheimer’s diagnosis from her geriatric physician indicating her reduced and declining mental facilities.
    HRHartranft-Alzheimer Diagnosis-06162022 
  2. Her Power of Attorney which names, authorizes, and directs Craig Hartranft, Debra Hartranft, and/or Ethan Hartranft to manage and direct all her affairs.
  3. H R Hartranft’s ID: Driver’s License
  4. Craig Hartranft’s ID: Driver’s License

These are supplied in confidence. Do not distribute without my permission.

My 90-year-old mother, Henrietta R Hartranft, has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, something we had expected for sometime. In association with our family attorney and her geriatric physician, I have invoked my Power of Attorney. I am now handling our my mother’s financial and other matters.

I, Craig Hartranft, now have proper legal authority to act on behalf of Henrietta Hartranft in all matters.

For your part, financial institution and/or all others, you are now legally bound to do as I instruct. Or face legal action from me on her behalf.*
(I’ve all ready consulted our attorney on one legal matter that went unfilled by an organization. To avoid legal action, they relented. Do not underestimate my legal authority; I take it very seriously. When it comes to my Mom and my family, I am a deliberate and unceasing advocate for their well being in all matters of life.)

Craig Hartranft
Son & Power of Attorney for Henrietta R Hartranft

*Legal Representation by
Christopher Straub, Attorney, Pyfer Reese Straub, et al
Ephrata/Lancaster PA