What Dr OZ is Not Right For Pennsylvania, Because He’s Funny Looking and Has a Small Penis and Endorsed by Donald Trump Who Has No Penis

by Craig Hartranft on April 18, 2022

in American Culture & Politics, Humor & Satire

Dr Oz - Trump Twat For Senate

OZ: I swear by the god Vitalis, when I’m elected, I will kiss Donald Trump’s fat pasty white ass. I love ass!

Here we go again, another Hollywood media huckster who wants to enter politics and government who has no qualifications to do so. It all started with Ronald Reagan, but at least he was quite involved in California politics before he became governor. Of course, the biggest loser of all Hollywood media fucksters was Donald J Trump who knew nothing about being President except that he could probably make a lot of money from the job by doing illegal and clandestine business deals.

Here’s why Dr Oz is not right for Pennsylvania’s senate seat:

1. He’s Dr Oz. Duh. He’s made his reputation and fortune by being a Hollywood-bred medical huckster by preying on Americans’ health fears, the latest suspicious health trends, and the latest morally-compromised trend coming out of Hollywood or Madison Avenue.

2. He has a small penis.

3. He loves COVID and the current pandemic. He opposes the vaccine and other mandates offered to keep Americans safe and healthy. I really thinks he wants all of us to die from COVID, eventually.

4. Related to this, he thinks Dr. Fauci is stupid and a pussy. Dr Oz thinks he’s the smarter medical guy. But he’s a cardiothoracic surgeon and not an expert in infectious diseases like Fauci who has been  since 1988 when he was combating AIDS. Instead, Dr Oz has challenged Fauci to a wet spaghetti in elk diarrhea wrestling contest on WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown.

Giving Trump a rim drop in the oval office is … on my bucket list of things to do before I die.

5. Dr Oz hates puppies and also eats kittens for breakfast with a side of home fries.

6. He’s not from Pennsylvania. He was born in Ohio; he has a mansion in New Jersey and has lived there most of his life. His only relationship to PA is that he registered to vote at his in-laws’ address in Bryn Athyn so, being the sneaky little rat, he could run for Senate in PA. That just makes him disingenuous; what else will he be untruthful about in the future.

7. Dr Oz is part of the 1% of Americans who are richer than the other 99%; he’s rich as fuck. As we all know, the rich don’t care about the average Joe, but getting richer off them.

8. His hair is too perfect; it can’t be real.

9. He wear’s his daughter Daphne’s panties on a daily basis.

10. Dr Oz promotes pseudoscience. Many significant sources, including Popular Science and The New Yorker, have been critical of his “non-scientific” advice. He’s nothing more than a medical quack and huckster. Makes you wonder what bullshit he trying to tell you as candidate.

11. He wants to go from a Hollywood medical huckster to another rich elected politician who can exploit the American people for his own person gain. Total suckage!

12. He’s a Trump sycophant and that is enough to disqualify him from office. Dr Oz: “Giving Trump a rim drop in the oval office is in my political platform, and on my bucket list of things to do before I die.”