Offending The Gods Of The Medical Profession

by Craig Hartranft on April 9, 2022

in American Culture & Politics, Op-Ed

Doctors are the new gods

I rarely comment on customer or professional services from the medical community, but after some recent experiences with a retinal ophthalmologist office and urologist office, some comments are required.

To the former, I have been treated twice for retinal tears in my left eye with cryotherapy. On each occasion two things have happened: both my eyesight and floaters in my left eye have gotten worse. Before, the floaters were minimal; now they’re everywhere all the time. They may be fixing my retina, but my eyesight is still diminished. When I spoke to them about both effects, they seemed unconcerned and ambivalent like this was all just going to go away. I’m concerned about their medical competency. The first rule for a physician is: First, do no harm. Maybe this does not apply to eye doctors. #LancasterRetinaSpecialists

To the urology office, my doctor, Dr Lessans is an interesting character: he seems competent, caring, and usually has a good “beside” manner. Although, at my last visit, when I thanked him for taking me at short notice, he said he gets paid to treat me but that didn’t mean he had to like me. I thought he was being funny because he has droll sense of humor. Later, I thought: that was a terrible thing to say. Mostly, I think he simply has terrible social skills.

Sometimes the Urologist office supporting staff is not much better; on occasion, they can be rude, almost hostile. For instance, when they call to leave a message, they talk so fast with a condescending tone that you can’t understand them. It’s blatantly obvious that they feel calling patients is chore and a hassle. God forbid if you call back and ask too many questions; they can’t wait to get off the phone with you.

Also, at an appointment for a cancer biopsy of my prostate, the receptionist threatened to cancel my appointment. Why? Because I was self-pay (no insurance), even though, in the past, they billed me for services which I paid promptly.

Threatening a patient for a service that may detect cancer? That’s just mean. This person should be fired! Immediately. What a horrible human being!

The same visit a nurse yelled at me because 1) I was asking for clarification about her questions because they had inaccurate information* and 2) because I have hearing loss. It was obvious that she believed yelling at me would make me understand what I was saying. That is a total misconception by almost all people of those people with hearing loss. It was hard to believe a medical professional would make the same mistake. #KeystoneUrology

*I have no idea where they got this information from. They claimed they got it from me (which they did not). But that pissed the nurse off. She turns the computer monitor to me which had a picture of me (taken without my consent or permission, of course). She asked harshly, “This is you isn’t it.” (Her tone suggested she might have added “asshole” to the end of that question.) I replied, “Yeah. But that doesn’t mean your information is correct.” Oops! Now I did it; I dared to question this god of medicine. She got even more angry at me like “how dare I question her or the information that was (falsely) attributed to me” kind of angry.

Here’s the lesson: Do not offend the medical professionals because they are elitist gods who know all and are all perfect; we should bow down to them.