Why Bill McSwain Is Unsuitable to Be Governor of Pennsylvania : He’s a Trump Sycophant and also Hates Kittens

by Craig Hartranft on February 19, 2022

in American Culture & Politics, Humor & Satire, Op-Ed

Bill McSwain

Bill McSwain: “I just want everyone to know that I really did enjoy kissing Donald Trump’s ass. It tasted like almond M&Ms.” Trump: “Yes. Bill really tickled my taint.”

Bill McSwain, a former US Attorney and habitual masturbator, is running for governor of Pennsylvania. He got his appointment from the mentally diseased, narcissistic sociopath, and traitor Donald “Judas” Trump who attempted to overthrow a duly certified national Presidential election and the Constitution of the United States by inciting a riot on Capitol Hill. McSwain is also a traitor to the United States in that he agreed with Trump’s accusation and so is also implicit in Trump’s insurrection. McSwain actually wrote a letter to Trump supporting his claims of election fraud (which to this date have been totally unfounded and unproven). Fuck McSwain.

McSwain also hates kittens, puppies, and the guy who posted naked pictures of his wife on the Internet recently. (She is kinda hot by the way.) Penthouse is hoping to discover a sex video the caliber of the one by Pam & Tommy. Additionally, an overview of pictures from a Google search shows he’s either frowning or constantly pissed. Anger and yelling seems to be his first gear. He’s also rich as fuck too. What a surprise. Once more another person of privilege, power, and wealth who wants to hold office over you.

Do your part to fuck over Donald Trump and reject Bill McSwain for governor of Pennsylvania.

BTW: I’m a long-time registered Republican, but I’m an American first who believes in and upholds democracy and the Constitution of the United States. Anybody who supports Trump Republicanism or ideology, by definition, does not support democracy and the Constitution of the United States either. Also, if you haven’t figured it out already, this article is intended as humor and parody as well as political op-ed.