Rude Employee at Redner’s Market In Ephrata

by Craig Hartranft on December 3, 2021

in Op-Ed, Travel

Rude Employee at Redner's MarketI have high regard for excellent customer service. Most of my adult life has been involved in providing customer service in a variety of occupations, not the least being the retail business. Most of the time my experience is average or better. Sometimes it’s just plain horrible as it was with this employee (right) of Redner’s Warehouse Market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Horrible only begins to describe how this asshole treated me. He was vulgar, profane, and just plain rude and discourteous. Here’s the short story.

In July of 2021 I was taking my 89-year-old mother grocery shopping at the aforementioned Redner’s. She needed a grocery cart. Asshole cart boy was pushing some carts right by me not 10 feet away. I asked him for one. He didn’t hear me. Why? Because the discourteous jerkweed had earbuds in his ears. (Which I later heard from management was not permitted by employees in any store position.)

So I got in front of him, waved my hands, and asked for cart. Again, literally right in front of him, he ignored me. I spoke louder, “Hey. How about a cart?” His response was a loud declaration of vulgarities that could be heard in the parking lot to the storefront where a local charity was raising money with a bake sale.Rude Employee at Redner's Market

He said, “Fuck you!” Motherfucker! Leave me alone, fucker. Fuckin’ something . . .”

Just a string of loud f-bombs. Wherein I tuned him out and got my own cart. What a total asshole!

So I reported him to the management who, in turn, told me they have had problems in the past. In turn, I said, “This guy should be fired.”

Nothing happened to this guy. He still works there. I just the cartfuckboy recently.

When I asked about him again at check out, the gal said, “Yeah. I know who you mean. He was supposed be fired, but he keeps coming back. He never does what he’s told. Sticks those things in his ears and goes out to get carts.” I appreciated her honesty and frustration.

This flaming asshole employee of the month should have been fired months ago, and should still be fired today.

Shame on Redner’s Warehouse Markets, an otherwise fine local grocery store with many other helpful employees, to allow this to continue.