The Ephrata Fair Is Back – F*ck The Fair!

by Craig Hartranft on August 27, 2021

in Humor & Satire, Op-Ed

Ephrata FairThe COVID19 pandemic could only halt the Ephrata Fair for one year. Now, this annual curse is about to bring its blight upon the small town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, once again. The Ephrata Fair sickens the community every year. Name your poison for they are legion!

  • Traffic congestion.
  • Delayed reactions to emergencies by first responders.
  • Disgusting and unhealthful food.
  • Hucksters cheating people at rigged games.
  • Unsanitary litter from discarded food.
  • Increased crime, fights, and personal theft.
  • A street parade which encircles and entraps residents for more than three hours.
  • Loss of customers, income, and profits to local business.
  • Perpetuating the myth that the fair is a huge money raising event for local charity.

There are perhaps even more troubles that others may have experienced. But, fundamentally, the Ephrata Fair is evil, no worse than a COVID-like small town cultural pandemic. Be gone Satan and your minions! As a life-long resident, the Ephrata Fair disgusts and offends me. Some savvy and thoughtful resistance member needs to create protest t-shirts: FTF! with Fuck The Fair! underneath.