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Poster for the 1950 B-Movie, "Deadly Is The Female"

{ The beginning of this story came to mind after a vacation with my wife in September of 2015 in western Virginia, our first vacation in maybe 15 years. The time off reinvigorated my creative soul. What prompted the story? Not sure. I do know that I penned most of this on the day after the Columbus Day mentioned at the start. I think the impetus for the story was to write some dark comedic humor for a mystery or, more probably, a crime fiction story. I think some of the dialogue is hilarious, and some of my best writing. Actually, my wife thinks it’s one of my best starts ever, but she’s sort of biased in her opinion. }

© 2016 Craig S. Hartranft (Usual caveats apply: this a rough draft, complete with spelling errors and grammar issues.)

On Monday October 12, it was Columbus Day, and the day after her second wedding anniversary, Missy Aldritch killed her husband George, giving him a gut shot with her Sig Sauer and then a bullet to the head when he wouldn’t stop moaning and whining and asking why.

Missy didn’t know why. She really wasn’t good at why. Finding out why. Or wondering why. He just wouldn’t shut up.

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Romeo Jones Prequel: As a Deputy United States Marshal Fugitive Hunting in the Poconos

26 November 2015 Crime Fiction

{ I have many ideas for detective Romeo Jones, not the least of which are being worked out in Blood Ties Die. But, like any good character, Rome has a past, a history. His most recent past, prior to coming back to his home town of Trinity, was as a Deputy United States Marshal, a […]

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Cassie & Dragon: killer fugitives in love and at-large

3 November 2015 Crime Fiction

“I’m going to use the bathroom,” Dragon said to Cassie. The petite blonde with freckles on her cheeks and shoulders was wearing a faded flower sundress and holding a John Sanders book from the remainder table.

“Don’t know where they are in this store, baby,” she said turning the book over in her hands.

“I’ll find them,” he said. Dragon looked left towards the inside of Valley Mall and saw an information desk at the entrance to the Books Galore store. A stout pudgy blonde with short hair and bright red face was making marks on a piece of paper. “I’ll ask the clerk.”

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Meatloaf and Mayhem at Priscilla’s Roadside Diner

31 October 2015 Crime Fiction

{ This idea came to me from my love of cooking, notably my recipe for classic American meatloaf. A lovely blend of three meats. The start didn’t even grace one page, but I liked the idea. Returning to it, like often happens when I write, I didn’t know where it would go. After a day of […]

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Meet Jonathan “Merry” Meriwether, and some new youth and young adult fiction

22 October 2015 Fiction

{ This attempt at Youth and/or Young Adult fiction began when my son, Ethan, who was beginning to read the same, some ten years ago. It may be set in the late Sixties or early Seventies as I draw much from my childhood for some of the set up. I like the characters, and their […]

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