About craighartranft.net and other really important stuff

About Craig
I like to write. Writing is hard work, and it takes work to be good at it.

Dennis Lehane once said, You have to write an hour a day minimum or the muscles get atrophied.

Elmore Leonard admonished, I don’t believe in writer’s block or waiting for inspiration. If you’re a writer, you sit down and write.

I began writing fiction in Junior High School, mostly fantasy and horror, developed from reading too many comic books, pulp fiction, fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks.

My first published material was non-fiction for Highway, a non-profit magazine devoted to over-the-road truckers. Since then I’ve been mostly an unpaid music journalist: creating, managing, and writing for DangerdogMusicReviews.com, where I’ve amassed a collection of better than 3,000 articles.

But lately, once more, my love for fiction, especially crime fiction, fantasy, and humor infused young adult fiction have risen to the surface.

Swirling around in my mind are a great number of characters and stories. You’ll find some of them within craighartranft.net.

Regarding any works of fiction: an resemblance to any person, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental. Any articles of humor, including those that may reference persons, living or dead, are intended to be parody, satire or general humor. Nothing more. Also, some of the non-fiction articles are my opinion based generally, upon personal observations, experiences, and reflection, and so should be treated as such. You’ve been warned.